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Making the World More Comfortable with Hybrid Cooling

NETAir developed Ceramatrix technology in order to create energy-efficient hybrid cooling.

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NETAir’s Revolutionary Ceramatrix® Technology for Hybrid Cooling

About Nano Evaporative Technologies “NETAir®”

NETAir incorporates the cost savings of evaporative cooling with the cooling efficiencies of refrigerated air through the use of our patent pending technology – Ceramatrix®.  NETAir’s hybrid units consume less energy and significantly reduce the overall cost of operation.

NETAir’s proprietary Ceramatrix® improves the efficiency of cooling with earth friendly technology. The patent pending technology is highly energy efficient and allows for the reuse of water.

NETAir provides building owners a hybrid solution to manage indoor environments. Globally, cooling indoor environments becomes a reality due to minimal energy requirements.

NETAir hybrid systems are easy to maintain, work well in higher humidity, and, due to the proprietary Ceramatrix® technology, use significantly less energy and water when compared to other cooling technologies.